Peugeot 504 GL von Claus Jensen, Helsingør (Dänemark)


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Hi Michael,

I have just found your site and I think it's great that you have taken the time to put this together. I am including some pictures and the story so far of my 504 GL. I hope you will include it in your “Friends” section on your website.

I found the car in Sweden just North of Stockholm in September 2013. I have wanted this model since I was 16, and I have had 6 classic cars before this. The story is that a elderly man (born 1907) bought the car new from the Peugeot dealer in Uppsala in May 1974.

He drove it until 1983, where he sold it back to the dealer, who found it to be in such good condition that he decided to keep it in his store on display. In 2011 the dealer sold his business, and the car was sold to an employee, from whom I bought it. It has to this day only done 66.476 km.

The original colour was brown metallic, but at some point he had it repainted in this “Vert metallic”, paint code 1322. I think it´s a nicer colour than the brown one. I also have the original wheels with the Michelin XZX tyres; The alloy wheels are 70´s Dunlop type and fits the car nicely I think.

In Denmark you can get the “old” enamel type license plates for a car older than 1977 if you pay a little more. You can even choose part of the number, so off course mine ends on “504”.

I have contacted the Museé Peugeot, and they informed me that the car was made 3rd of December 1973 for export to Sweden. You see this because it has the headlight wiper/washers, which was required by law in Sweden.

Over the Winter I will do some maintenance work on it and have it ready for Spring. More pictures will follow by then.

Freundliche Grüße
Claus Helsingør, Dänemark