Peugeot 504 GL von Alfie Ariatnam


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Hi Michael,

Just want to say thank you for putting up a great site dedicated to the awesone 504.

I moved to Sri Lanka little over 3 years ago from the UK. The government tax on cars was 300% so the only thing I could afford was old rust buckets but I saw and fell in love with a 1978 Pug 504 GL. It's a rust bucket but it's the most confortable car I have ever driven in. I've owned a 406 in the UK but this beats it hands down for style and confort!!

It needs a lot of work on it but I totally love the thing. I have attached a photo of my PUG. This picture was taken a couple of years ago and now its in the garage needing some urgent attention.

Thanks again for managing this site..

Kind regards,